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Alocasia amazonica

Como plantar a alocasia amazonica. Esta alocásia necessita de lugares sem sol direto, mas com boa luminosidade. IKEA – ALOCASIA AMAZONICA , Planta, Decore a sua casa com plantas e vasos que se adequem ao seu estilo.

Porte: Alcança em média m. Nome Popular: Alocásia Amazônica. Flores: Inflorescência típica com espata branca, sem interesse ornamental.

Iluminação: Prefere locais sombreados. Rega: O solo deve ser mantido sempre úmido, porém sem . Heres more information on this particular species. Colocada numa sala de estar, num escritório ou numa casa de banho dará um toque de floresta ao seu interior.

Evite de a colocar num suporte poroso pois as folhas têm tendência . Find out how to grow it indoors, care tips. Though not very easy plants, they are definitely worth the buy if you can provide what they needs as they have lovely foliage that can look . Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online.

São aproximadamente setenta espécies encontradas em regiões tropicais úmidas do Brasil e sudeste asiático. They are typically grown as pot plants, but a better way is to grow the plants permanently in the controlled conditions of a . These stunning, veined leaves come in re bronze, blue-green, and purple. African Mask – Elephant Ear Plant.

Alocasia é um género botânico da família das aráceas. It is a hybrid plant that has never grown wild in the rainforest and its name is thought to have been coined by Salvadore Mauro. Family: Araceae Kris plant. Origin: Phillippines Groundcover and low-growing 2ft Shade Semi-shade Bog or aquatic Ornamental foliage Deciduous Subtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time.

A beautiful plant with flat, V-shaped leaves, deeply scalloped along the . In contrast to what the amazonica epithet suggests, the plant does not originate from the Amazon jungle or region. Their dramatic waxy, two-tone leaves are accentuated by whitish or pale green leaf veins. This standout, lush perennial plant can be grown from underground corms and loves lots of warmth, humidity and water. DESCRIPTION: Waxy, dark blackish-green, arrow-shaped leaves with bright white margins rhizomatous perennial grows to about ft. Описание вида Алоказия амазонская в Энциклопедии растений на LePlants.

Узнайте, как выращивать вид Алоказия амазонская, как ухаживать с фото и видео. Avoid both direct sunlight and very dark and glo. The deep green, heart shaped leaves have wavy edges and prominent veining.

The back of the leaves are as interesting as the front, they.

Air temperatures should not dip below degrees F. If grown in direct sun, leaf burn and pale foliage may result .

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