Alocasia é um género botânico da família das aráceas. São aproximadamente setenta espécies encontradas em regiões tropicais úmidas do Brasil e sudeste asiático. There are species native to tropical and subtropical Asia to Eastern Australia, and widely cultivated elsewhere. Esta alocasia tem folhagem surpreendente, verde muito escuro com reflexos metálicos e com nervuras prateadas.

Colocada numa sala de estar, num escritório ou numa casa de banho dará um toque de floresta ao seu interior.

Evite de a colocar num suporte poroso pois as folhas têm tendência a produzir gotas de água. These stunning, veined leaves come in re bronze, blue-green, and purple. If you are searching for a dramatic, very different looking plant that can be as . Nome Popular: Alocásia Polly. Porte: Alcança em média m. Flores: Inflorescência típica com espata branca, sem interesse ornamental.

Iluminação: Prefere locais sombreados.

Rega: O solo deve ser mantido sempre úmido, porém sem encharcá-lo. Learn all about alocasia plant care with. It has a few common names such as elephant ear plant and African mask alocasia.

The best propagation method of alocasia is via division and can be performed easily. Find alocasia ads in our Plants category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds.

They are grown for their big, veine arrow- or heart-shaped leaves, which may be marked with black, dark purple, or bronze. The flowers are fairly insignificant. The Polly is also known as the African Mask Plant, thanks to the stunning shape and look of its leaves.

Shaped like giant arrows with bright green veins, the leaves are an eye- catching and exotic sight to see. A happy plant, easy to care for and not fussy about . Though not very easy plants, they are definitely worth the buy if you can provide what they needs as they have lovely foliage that can look . Le dictionnaire des plantes par Ooreka. Schizocasia sanderiana (W.

Bull ) Engl. Taxonomic Notes: The species was first described by W.

Bibliotheca Botanica 89(4): 504. Decorum grower Aad Persoon of . The neckline is highlighted by a band of crossed stitches which extends down the center front of the pullover. An i-cord edging gives the neckline a . It comes in a tall by wide plastic nursery pot.

Department of Agriculture plant. Compre Bulbos de flores Naturais com desconto e frete grátis na Ocotea. Best in part shade or filtered sun in moist, organically rich soils. Plant in locations protected from strong winds after last frost date. After last frost date, pots may be sunk to the rim in the garden and containers may be set out on the patio.

XN4BwAAQBAJ – Traduzir esta página Laurence C. In contrast to what the amazonica epithet suggests, the plant does not originate from the Amazon jungle or region.

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