A angelônia é uma planta florífera, de textura herbácea e ramagem ereta. Suas folhas são lanceoladas, acuminadas e com margens denteadas. As inflorescências em espigas eretas, carregam numer. Find essential growing information on angelonia , including: flower and foliage colors, height and width, seasonal features and special features. Check out more information about the angelonia seeds and explore tips on the angelonia flower.

Learn how to grow and care for beautiful angelonia.

These sun-loving annuals are ideal for flower gardens! Tradicionalmente este gênero era classificado na família das Scrophulariaceae. Nativo da América do Sul. Algumas espécies são utilizadas como plantas ornamentais.

Composto por espécies confirmadas:. They are herbaceous plantas occurring mainly in arid and semi-arid habitats. Upright, low perennial with deep mauve to violet two-lipped flowers blooming all summer.

PropagationSow seed in spring, or grow from. Photo by Forest and Kim Starr.

Often called summer snapdragon, . Serena series angelonia is a long-blooming summer bedding plant with a tough constitution and long blooming season. The Serena series is seed- propagated. This is an exciting development, as seed-grown . Flower Colors ‎: ‎Purple Light Requirement ‎: ‎Sun Spacing ‎: ‎- Inches Spread ‎: ‎- Inches . The biggest blooms of any angelonia series! Thrives in extreme heat, humidity and drought. Uniform habit and flowering time for easy, high-density production.

Well-branched plants ship with less breakage, tangling and shrinkage. Cherry Red and Blue Bicolor allow for a great patriotic mix with White. Your no-pinch, low-hassle angelonia.

Serena and companion Serenita are the only seed angelonias on the market, giving you the premium you expect from vegetative varieties, with less labour and more efficiency. Both fit into warm bedding production…are perfect for grower choice premium containers…and excel . It is an upright, glabrous, somewhat bushy, tropical perennial that is noted for its long summer bloom of small snapdragon- like flowers. Stems are clad with narrow, oblong to . Its sweet colors and rich fragrance are complimentary to many flowers and supportive of many floral combinations. Some people say the foliage smells like apples.


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