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Areca triandra

It is also reportedly naturalized in Panama and in southern China. Tipo: Planta ( Tipo: Palmeira Palmeira). Sinonímias: Ptychosperma polystachyum Miq. Nenga nagensis (Griff.) Scheff.

Compre mudas de palmeiras nacionais e exóticas na Ocotea.

CULTIVO: Na adquisição de uma muda, ao transplantá-la para o lugar definitivo, seja em vasos ou no jardim, o tamanho da cova deve ter pelo menos o dobro do tamanho do torrão, que deve ser manuseado com bastante cuidado, para não ser partido. A seguir siga os cuidados, descritos nos itens desta . In their habitat in Dong Nai province Vietnam, they can be found near small streams, enjoying the high humidity. Title: Plant Resources of . Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online.

Common Names: Triandra palm. Found in India, and throughout south-east Asia.

Description: A very attractive clustering palm to about 5m (16ft) high, with light green, white ringe stems, and dark green fronds. Palmeira siafortia Palmeira palmeira azul Palmeira palmeira rabo de peixe Palmeira cariota de touceira Palmeira palmeira-triângular Palmeira tamareira Palmeira fênix Palmeira palmeira solitária Palmeira palmeira real Palmeira sabal – anão . A look at some more cold damaged palms in Indian River county Florida. Fast growing, clustering tropical beauty from India and south east Asia with a slim , grass green trunk, ringed with white, lush, dark green leaves and bright red fruit, readily produced in the sub- or tropical garden or conservatory in cooler climates. A further feature is that the flowers are lemon scented. Seeds germinate readily . If you are interested to use any of the image(s), please read the conditions carefully.

This palm originated in India and throughout South-East Asia. Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society. Itconstantly moist, well drained soil, though not wet.

Try to place it where the conditions are as close as possible to its. Cytomixis to an extent of percent appeared to have contributed to this abnormality. Photo: (c) Tony Rod some rights . OrigeIndia e Malásia Sementes por Kg: 700. Quantidade disponível no estoque: pacote(s) de 1unidades cada.

Valor de cada pacote com 1Unidades: R$ 100.

Escolha a quantidade de Pacotes que deseja comprar: 2. The Clumping Betel Nut is a beautiful, clean , feature palm growing to 3-metres after years. It can handle shade or mostly sun. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Ptychosperma polystachyum Miq.

Etymology, Genus, After the Malabar common name of the palm. Status, Exotic: Cultivated Only. Delightful palm that produces attractive, grass green leaves atop slender trunks, ringed white. Areca humilis Blanco ex H. Easy care and a good palm for the conservatory.

Bright light is fine, but should be indirect.

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