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Bronze art

Buy original art worry free with our day money back guarantee. It can be used for statues, singly or in groups, reliefs, and small statuettes and figurines, as well as bronze elements to be fitted to other objects such as furniture. Shop with confidence on eBay!

When we think of bronze art , we think of equestrian statues. What we at least did not know, is that every major modern sculptor had his works cast in bronze, even if they were originally made of another material.

Rockwell triple self portrait. Art Center College of Design. All Rights Reserve Art Bronze , Inc.

Many European cities had bronze foundries, but Florence saw the first true flowering of bronze sculpture. Buy bronze arts by Artist Chris Navarro. Explore the collection of the award winning artist of monumental sculptures in bronze on various themes.

Notable sculptor and writer, Carol Alleman has earned international recognition through her highly provocative, nature inspired bronze vessels and companion writings. Her museum-quality, limited edition bronze vessels expand the limits of traditional patination offering an alluring .


Bronze is an alloy of copper, silicon and manganese with traces of other elements such as iron. Also known as hot-cast bronze , a fine art. Our mission is to serve artists and patrons of the arts in helping them make their mark in the world through bronze. Sincerus is built on three core ideas: You get “ old world” craftsmanship blended with advanced technology. We, like you, are artists.

We put the same emotion and care into our castings as you do in your art. The Loop Art Foundry serves sculptors and clients from around the world and can cast any size work from tabletop to monumental, producing both runs and once off or limited edition castings right down to the fingerprint. Identical reproductions of antiques, light fixtures and works of art , creation of bronzes , wall lights, lamps, chandeliers, decorative artworks and furniture. Rynhart Fine Art Bronze Gifts – 1 Hand Made in Ireland. The bronze foundry is still the only one in The Bahamas today.

The technique used in the creation of bronze sculptures has changed very little since Antiquity. The sculptor begins by fashioning the subject in wax, then covers it with clay, pours on the bronze , an alloy of copper and tin, then breaks open the terracotta, leaving only the bronze object behind. It is tucked away in the unspoiled and .

Highly valued by sculptors, . Bronze statues uk, bronze figurines, garden statues and garden sculptures for sale.

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