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Epidendrum radicans

Epidendrum radicans is a species of orchid. Common names include ground- rooting epidendrum, fire-star orchi rainbow orchi and reed-stem epidendrum. It is a common roadside weed at middle elevations in Central America.

It is a crucifix orchi often confused with many other members of the section Schistochila, . Essa espécie é terrestre, e prefere ficar debaixo de árvores não muito frondosas, onde receba luz intensa mas não direta (para não queimar a planta).

Pode ser direcionada sobre apoios (onde podem alongar-se mais para o alto) ou formando . Its spectacular bright orange and yellow flowers are appreciated by some orchid enthusiasts. However, the plant is too vigorous for most collections and would soon take up . If you have a different species . NOME POPULAR: estrela-de-fogo, orquídea-crucifixo, orquídea-beija-flor, fire-star orchi ground-rooting epidendrum, estrella de fuego. Though not defined as a pioneer species, E. It is native to cooler climates from 7to 5feet high in Central American oak and pine forests and between rocks and grass alongside roads.

Considered a common weed in its natural range, . Radicans tolerates a wide variety of temperature conditions as well. Can be used to form a low hedge. I saw one at a botanical garden that is growing about feet from a salt water bay, facing west. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Costa Rica – Volcán Arenal.

This thing is really big. A terrestrial orchid from tropical and subtropical America. Es originaria del Caribe y de Centroamérica desde México hasta Colombia.

Ha sido considerada como un sinónimo de E. Kunth, pero puede reconocerse por su hábito terrestre y las raíces laterales . They can take morning sun, and even some afternoon sun. Growing Tips Water as you would Cattleyas, allowing the plants to almost dry before watering again. The common name refers to the markings on the flower lip that look like a crucifix.

Best in pots or hanging baskets, though it can also go well in rocky corners or . These three species have very different floral ground plans but they are superficially alike.

The flowers are in dense umbel-like aggregations . Originária da América Central é uma planta perene que pode atingir até m de altura. Possui folhas alternadas . Show All Show Tabs fire star orchid. Native Status : LI PR I. Go To Encyclopedia of Life. ORANGE three large epidendrum radicans ground orchid ROOTED cuttings.

Plants are nice and healthy. Makes great potted porch plants. They also can be grown in hanging orchid baskets. Spikes are this years growth and all should bloom this season.

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