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Ficus nerifolia

This bonsai have some very appealing ever-green leaf structure. The leaves are firm and glossy while the. Suas folhas são perenes e verde- brilhante. Seu tronco tem uma coloração marrom-acinzentado, galhos flexíveis e. Conheça nossa variedade de ficus ,em bonsai e pré bonsai.

Confira aqui com o melhor preço e condição!

It produces aerial roots. Fast grower, excellent leaf reduction. It can be used in any bonsai style. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones . The structure gives it a very appealing and sharp look. It is very forgiving and thrives in indoor conditions.

It is a very impressive bonsai and is also easy to care for. Ficus ( Nerifolia ) years old. A handmade, texture glaze inch ceramic pot with a brown marbled coloring.

Browse through our inventory of ficus nerifolia For Sale. Purchase a ficus nerifolia bonsai online today. Today after a year of neglect I decided to give my ficus nerifolia a hair cut and a bit of shaping. I lost a few branches last year to not enough sun and over watering coming out of summer. So was time for a rethink.

I Picked what branches I wanted to keep at the bottom of the tree and wired them up into shape . Height – Canopy spread – Trunk caliper – 1. We recommend a humidity tray with tray rock to protect your indoor surfaces, as well as a proper watering can to use with your bonsai. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Mais um ficus nerifolia trabalhado nesse final de semana junto ao Sr. Elongate light green leaves have a striking resemblance to the popular weeping willow tree. This tree does particularly well in low, moderate or high lighting conditions.

Post with votes and 5views. Can grow in an office or any bright room without direct sunlight. Lots of stocks and bonsai to choose. Most trees will be in the banyan or umbrella shaped styles. The ficus or fig family is a large and diverse family.

I never realized how many different ones I had until I started writing this blog post.

Dale had brought with him several examples from his own collection. We began with discussion . Medida externa do vaso (AxLxC) – 12x26xcm. Peso do produto (Planta e Vaso) – 5. O fícus nerifólia é uma espécies muito interessante por suas características especialmente a ramificação e folhagem.

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