Grill staub

GRILL PANS FLAVOURSOME FRYING IN STYLE! Grill pan around with handles – Series Grill Pans. The traditional ridges leave grill sears in the food and lift the food from the residues, resulting in . Dark Blue – Available in 12 . The Staub journey begins in Alsace, France.

Rich in history, foo and craft, it is a region renowned for hearty one-pot recipes.

Shop Staub at the Amazon Cookware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to. This process keeps the food moist and tender on the inside, while the intense heat from the grill , keeps the outside nice and crisp. This multi-functional pan can also accommodate many other different . For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron.

Staub builds on this tradition with our enameled cast iron cookware. Black matte enamel inside and cooking surface creates a culinary advantage for better browning, braising, and roasting. Slimmed down to a compact size, this round cast-iron grill pan is pure perfection when it comes to grilling, indoors or out.

Find great deals on eBay for Staub Grill Pan in Cookware. Two large side handles make the grill easy to maneuver, easy to store and easy to fit in the sink. This space saver packs a high quality French grilling experience in a compact size. French made enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat beautifully. Staub black matte enameled interior is the best surface for browning.

Enter the Staub Steam Grill. Our go-to pan for quick, healthy meals, the versatile Steam Grill comes with a tight-fitting lid that locks in flavor and moisture and prevents excessive smoking. Simply sear foo add wine, broth or your favorite cooking liqui then cover and steam for moist, delicious every time.

The square griddle pan from the Staub series is a perfect alternative or addition to a classic barbecue grill. Food looks like it has been cooked on a barbecue grill , thanks to the grooved structure on the inside. The cast iron frying pan conducts the high temperatures experienced during searing onto the foo ensuring that it.

This ridged grill and press cooks both sides at once. Composição, Grill 34cm. Informação Técnica, Produto confeccionado em ferro fundido possui revestimento exterior de esmalte colorido e interior em esmalte preto fosco com composição especial, o que .