The new blackhead removal method that is taking social media by storm. All our winter related information that people may find. Gritters are on standby hours a day between October and April.

In the event of snowfall, the roads receiving gritting will be cleared as soon as soon as we can, starting in areas of the heaviest snowfall. Strategic link routes will be made accessible across the network first. Highly used footpaths and cycleways will also be cleared.

You can see our gritting routes, roads that have been gritted and closures (opens in a new window). Read more about gritting and how to keep routes safe this winter. See when we last treated the main network (red routes) and when we are scheduled to treat them again. You can find out when we do, by following us on Twitter . Information on gritting routes and grit bins in Staffordshire.

See our approach to gritting , salt bins and other winter maintenance needs across the Rochdale borough. Find out if my road is being gritted. Using the map below, you can find out quickly what roads will be gritted in Wolverhampton should the temperature drop.

To use the map, simply enter your post code in the search bar at the top of the map. If you need medical assistance in an emergency, contact the emergency services by calliing 999. They will contact us if necessary. Call the hospital department, your GP, carer or social services. Our gritting crews are on standby, around the clock, up to the end of March.

You can check the routes and location of grit bins on our map. Our snow plan also shows you the roads that we grit and clear the snow from. We are responsible for gritting roads in Somerset, except for on the M A3and Awhich are treated by Highways England. On this page you will find our searchable map showing the precautionary salting network which covers around 9miles or of the total roads in Somerset. These roads are treated when road . Priority routes are pre-treated when local inspections and weather forecasts indicate a need.

Our winter maintenance helps keep our roads safe. We have crews on call hours a day who can react quickly to extreme weather conditions. Generally, all planned early morning treatments are completed before 7. Priorities for gritting roads have been established on the basis of the route hierarchy and level of use.

The main roads will be gritted before other routes. Our three hour gritting runs cover a total of . How can I find which roads are gritted ?

What happens when snow is on its way? Worcestershire County Council is responsible for providing a winter service on adopted public highways within the county except for motorways and trunk roads. When do you decide to grit? The purpose of the winter service is to reduce the effects of snow and ice on the roads by treating the highway with salt.

The service is essential for . Service disruptions and closures. We usually salt between October and March. We are committed to keeping a network of major roads free from ice to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.