Pseudosaponaria (F.N. Williams) Ikonn. They are native to Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. A flor é encontrada nas cores branca e rosa.

Conhecida popularmente como mosquitinho ou branquinha, esta delicada flor‚ muito utilizada como complemento para arranjos ou buquês compostos por flores maiores e mais coloridas. De fato, a gypsophila cria um bonito efeito de leveza quando misturada .

Any fertile soil with good drainage and an alkaline or near-neutral pH. Gypsophilla paniculata, Gypsophilla elegans). Young seedlings often escape damage from light frost, but may be injured by sudden freezes.

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Be sure it is not too rich, and avoid feeding plants.

Cut back after flowering to encourage a second bloom. This species is well suited to xeriscaping. Conheça a melhor loja virtual do mercado. Compre com segurança e com a maior variedade de produtos!

Stem upper part branching, glabrous, bright green. Flower: Corolla regular (actinomorphic), white–reddish–violet, approx. Not only does this plant decorate every bouquet in its own special way, it also beautifies every flower bed. Цены, бронирование, описание и фотографии отеля. Its shorter stature makes it perfect at the front of a border or along a stone wall.

An its name is often translated as “lover of chalk” for its preferred soil. Today, it is regularly used by florists as a filler flower in arrangements, offering both white and pink varieties to blend with a range of flowers. Inter-tangling branching stems support a cloud-like mass of tiny double pink flowers, with minimal grey-green leaves.

Good to pick or hovering like a cloud above lower plants, i. Importer and distributor of outstanding fresh cut flowers in North America. Pringle in Flora of North America (vol. 5).

Stems erect or ± sprawling, diffusely much-branched at or near crown, 4-dm, glabrous or occasionally glandular-puberulent or scabrous near base. This makes a wonderful filler flower in the garden and vase. Plant Characteristics and Associations.

The plants remain very tidy and uniform over the season, making great garden plants. Dense sprays of pure white flowers were produced on relatively short stems .