Mini cymbidium

Thse blossoms are highly sought after because of their tiny, delicate, star shaped blooms. This makes them an excellent floral addition to a wedding or . They are much more cold-tolerant than many common species of orchids and feature sprays of large blooms in the dead of winter. Much of the new interest in cymbidiums is driven by the appearance of the miniature cymbidiums. These plants are smaller and more manageable than the earlier varieties.

Single Miniature Orchid Plant.

Cymbidium Orchid Wrist Corsage -Pick Up Only. These orchids are universally celebrated as a classic flower of love. Available in white, pink, green or yellow.

The layers of colour and infinite attention to detail make this a breath-taking gift of flowers. A generous selection of exotic mini cymbidium orchids in deepest cerise are set against a bed of glossy green leaves. The design is completed with a velvety cloud of stunning light pink roses and looped grasses. This beautiful boutonniere brings an exotic elegance and stylish appeal to the overall look of the wedding party.

Boasting two blooms of white mini cymbidium orchids accented with variegated ivy, this boutonniere is a modern take on the . Need to preorder at least hours in advance.

DELIVERY NOT AVAILABLE FOR QUANTITY LESS THAN FOR A SINGLE BOUTONNIER PICK -UP . The temperate climate is idea for growing these stunning flowers. Their wide colour range, long vase life and luxurious appearance makes them a deserved favourite amongst florists and consumers alike. While the larger standard cymbidium dominates production and sales, the mini – cymbidium with its smaller size makes it . We appreciate orders placed 24-hours in advance. To ensure your order is delivered on time, please place your order by NOON. We typically schedule our deliveries between 11:00-3:Monday -Friday.

If it is after 12:Noon and you need a funeral home delivery made the . The orchid will tolerate outside locations well in a mild climate. Please specify your preference. Miniature varieties are typically one to three feet tall with three-inch flowers. Most are easier to bring to bloom than standard-size plants.

Flower and ribbon color in corsage can be customized. Order the Mini Cymbidium Orchid Boutonniere for your upcoming wedding, prom or other special event. Pseudobulbs of Cymbidium maladimum and Dendrobium speciosum and tubers of Microtis uniflora and Caladenia carnea are eaten. For fresh and fast flower delivery throughout Minnetonka, MN area.

The mini cymbidium is a unique flower that comes in many colors, white is shown. If you are interested in what other colors are available call us to see what we have, if not white will be chosen.