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Turbina corymbosa

Ela é uma planta perene trepadeira com flores brancas, normalmente plantadas como plantas ornamentais. Rivea corymbosa , is a species of morning glory, native throughout Latin America from Mexico as far south as Peru and widely naturalised elsewhere. Its common names include Christmasvine, Christmaspops, and snakeplant.

Rdzenna ludność Meksyku zna Rivea corymbosa jako Ololiúqui i używa nasion tej rośliny w obrzędach religijnych, wykorzystując jej psychoaktywne działanie. W Języku Nahuatl słowo ololiuhqui oznacza okrągłą rzecz i odnosi się to do kształtu nasion R.

Zawierają one w znacznym stężeniu alkaloid . Rivea corymbosa is a large, woody, perennial creeper vine that has thin heart- shaped leaves and white funnel-shaped flowers. The plant is thought to be indigenous to Mexico, but it is also very commonplace in Cuba, as well as on other islands of the West Indies and along the North American Gulf Coast. Taxonomical nomenclature.

Convolvulus corymbosus L. Christmas pops, Christmas vine, Christmas wreath, Christmasvine, snakeplant, turbina, turbine vine. Buy Rivea corymbosa seeds and plants. Turbina corymbosa (L.) Raf.

Rivea corymbosa , the Christmas vine, is a species of morning glory, native throughout Latin America from Mexico in the North to Peru in the South and widely naturalised elsewhere. Containing an akaloid similar in action to LS its seeds and the drug they contain are known as ololiuhqui or . Show All Show Tabs Christmasvine. Native Status: LN PR N. Среди других психоактивных растений следует отметить большую вьюновую древовидную лиану, известную у ацтеков как ололиукви (ololiuqui) и почитаемую ими как божество. Manto Branco Nesse mês vamos falar sobre o Manto Branco – Lençol Branco, sensacional trepadeira nativa do México.

Trepadeira herbácea perene de crescimento muito vigoroso. Pertence à família das convolvuláceas (a mesma das Ipoméias) e é nativa do México. Synonym, Rivea corymbosa. Common name, Christmas vine.

Find products from Asklepios-seeds at low prices. Clique na imagem para ampliar. Thought we could have a thread dedicated to this source of LSA. Wink SWIM recently obtained about 1ololiuqui seeds, and has never experienced LSA (or even LSD for that matter). He plans to start with ground up seeds in water and drink 1-cups of yohimbe tea as his vasodilator.

Historia: O uso ritual e medicinal das sementes . Em uma das paredes pintadas pelos teotihuacanos, no plano onde a figura central provavelmente representa a deusa Xochiquetzal, surge uma trepadeira com flores brancas que se eleva acima da deusa.

Entre seus ramos voam borboletas e . Ipomoea corymbosa (L.) Roth ex Roem. Inflorescence much-branched. Corolla grey on outside, dark purplish-red on inside 2-cm . It is a perennial climbing vine with white flowers, often with five petals, . He had seen it employed in divination by a Zapotec shaman in Oaxaca. Ololiuhqui (Rivea corymbosa) – Ezoport.

Произрастают в тропическом и субтропическом климате, родственник Ипомеи и Гавайской розы, но более. Семена Ололиуки (Олилуки).

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