Creator: Vectorpark, Category: Games, Price: $2. Explore a dream-like world of impossible wonders. It was developed by artist Patrick Smith, who taught himself to animate and program the game in Adobe . I had so much of a request for more I decided to.

The Amazing World of Gumball – Nightmare In Elmore Full Gameplay – Duration: 46:46. A surreal puzzler that will leave you wanting more than just levels. Interaja com criaturas e objetos estranhos em um mundo mágico e surreal para conseguir que um pequeno trem avance ao longo de cada fase. Pense nas coisas mais estranhas que puder imaginar e você terá sucesso!

O que há neste quarto misterioso? Que tipos de segredos se escondem lá no escuro? Você consegue desvendar o segredo? Windosill : Este local é muito esquisito: tem uma estatua.

Games, after all, evoke things like rules and objectives and winning. Owners (left axis) Price (right axis) . Players need to guide it through different, single screen rooms and discover the solution to open up the next room. This is always done by locating a cube that unlocks the door.

In order to do so, items in the environment can be dragged and cl. И кстати, вероятно в интернете есть немало видео-прохождений этой игры, для . Main Story, 9 37m, 35m, 28m, 57m. Completionists, 3 40m, 36m, 27m, 1h 08m. All PlayStyles, 13 38m, 35m, 26m, 1h 07m. In this puzzlegame your goal is to move a small wooden wagon through all the levels, for the exit you need a small cube in every level which is somewhere hidden.

Publisher, Vectorpark, Inc. Developer, Vectorpark, Inc. Supported Systems, STEAMPLAY. Последнее обновление игры в шапке: 12. Прикрепленное изображение.

Краткое описание: Логическая игра. Описание : Исследуйте сон-как мир. Одиннадцать красиво-построенных картин. Невероятное шоу векторной 3D-графики, искусства, сочетая в себе .

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